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Magnetic White Board

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Call it Winter blues, to much time on the weekend in February, or just planning for a great summer.

I had a couple times last summer after a few barely pops:p, trying to recall :confused:what lure we had down on each rod.

Now I did not keep a log last summer, but I do plan on keeping one for this coming.

Picture of log


Logs are great, but the way I setup my sheet would be fish caught, not what is in the water or has been in the water.

So, I took pictures of each spoon, flasher, dodger, & j-plug that I currently own.


I printed those out in color and laminated the sheets to help protect them from the weather. Each item is about ½ to ¾ wide and 2†long. I glued a piece of sheet magnet to the back side of each picture.

I store the magnetic picture sheet with the lure.

I bought a 9x14†magnetic white board for $6

My plan is to use the white board as reminder of what is in the water. Since it is a white board I could also quick write the time that lure went into the water.


Its big enough to read, yet small enough to fit up on the dash.


this is what happens when an Engineer who learns to fish...

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I like the whiteboard concept. God knows my memory fails me when I have the riggers down and the big boards out. Unfortunately the picture thing would be too much as I have way too many lures to catalog that way. But the magnetic strips I could use to write on the lure type/color and when one hits on the board lines it would be easy to slide them to their respective position so I knew where each lure was in the string.

Isn't winter great for trying to organize you summer:grin:

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