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Weekend Rabbits


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My grandpa and uncle were in town this weekend to rabbit hunt. I was hoping the snow that's pounding the east would at least give us a fresh inch or so, but I wasn't so lucky. Lots of old tracks around, but with the sunny day, they were not running out like we like. Had a great walk and still managed five rabbits between the three of us. I saw zero rabbits, dad got three and my uncle got two. Weather was gorgeous and we all had a great time outdoors.

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5 rabbits doesn't sound like a bad day. A good thaw would probably get them moving. Doesn't look like we're going to get one of those anytime soon though. I may pop out for a bit tomorrow. It's not supposed to be as windy as today.

Glad you had a good time with your GP uncle and dad!

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Sounds like you had a good day with some Great company.

Do you have a beagle, or were you the beagle?

I've been the beagle since they started taking me hunting when I was 6. We have never used dogs for rabbit hunting. The legs have a few scratches from crashing through the briars, but it's fun to put a few rabbits in front of dad and grandpa since they can't move like they used to.:grin:

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