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Staying and Fishing in Cabo


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Hey Guys,

My wife and I are planning on going to Cabo San Lucas next Christmas. Probably the 18th-25th, give or take a few days. Airfare is dirt cheap right now out of Denver and we can travel to Cabo cheaper than to Michigan.

I was wondering if any of you have been there before? Where is a good, reasonable, safe place to stay? Any recommendations? We can't spend too much money and break the bank, but we don't want all out stuff stolen either.

Also, the million dollar question: Who do we go fishing with? Any recommendations? What do we go fishing for, etc? It will just be the two of us. I don't really care what the price is, as long as we are put on some fish.

Thanks a lot!!!

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My fiance and I are headed to Cabo on March 5th thru the 12th to do some fishing and diving. I should be able to get you the low down after the trip. Hopefully it will be telling you WHO to fish with rather than WHO NOT to fish with. My dad has a friend that fishes the Bisbee down there and put me on to some good leads. It will be past the hot season for the blue and black marlin, but the striped marlin and swords should be there along with the dorado and yellowtail tuna. Looking forward to posting something!!

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Sounds great!

Let me know what you find out, etc. There are only about 500 charter boats down there, so it is hard to find the best unless you get direct word from someone. I know there are a lot of booking agents that just take their commission and put you on any boat. I have heard that it is best to book with the individual and not with the group, etc. Your help is greatly appreciated! I look forward to your return!!! :grin:

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Jon I was down there in Sept and had a great time fishing. You can check out a couple of travel site and find a great deal. My dad has a time share at Playa Granda and we got the charter there. We used Solmar Charter. We were down there for two weeks and we got 4 marlin, 1 sail and a lot of dorado. Had a lot of fun.

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