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Now introducing.


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Now introducing the DIRTY DOG 2.

This is my new to me 1989 starcraft islander 221v

Write now it is equiped with a 4.3l omc cobra , 4 cannon mag 10 down riggers, lorance 350a fish finder gps ,a few rod holders , a full bimani with side curtains and a vhf radio, also all u.s.g. safty equipment.

this is all sitting on a 1989 yaht club trailer.

I will be selling a lot of the gear off it becouse most of the stuff on the old dog was nearly new and i kept that.

Well here are a few picks, not reel good ones but you can get the idia.





Well as many of you that have bought boats in the winter have said , MAN ITS GOING TO BE A LONG WINTER, and spring cant get here soon enough, because i want to get her home , rerigged, and ALL BLOODY DONE TO ST. JOE ON SOME COHOS.

Well enogh said and let the DOG TRAINING BEGIN.:D

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Nice score! Love the 4.3 OMC Cobra. I've got one in boat, had one in my s-10 and it is a great motor. With that light boat I bet you haul @$$! Have fun rigging it up....

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When I talked with Phil last week, he said there was a new Dog in town.

She looks nice and clean. Can you work on her inside?

Yes i can but it has to warm up a little becouse the guys barn is not heated.

Great looking ride Terry.:cool: Looks like I can leave my hard hat at home this year.:lol:

yup and i can stand up under the top also.:)

Well thanks guys and yup , its going to be a very looooooong winter!

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