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I agree Mike and this was never about me starting a businesss the only mention of starting a business was the fact that I or someone would have to have a legal business to purchase from most distributors. There are a few who could care less as long as you make a minimum order and pay the sales tax. My thought was to see if anyone was interested in buying as a group and we could discuss what we want and see what the best deals we can get are. Honestly there are some places you can buy stuff cheaper than my wholesale cost so buying thru me would not be the best deal. However forming a group of members and shopping collectively would improve everyone in the groups chances at getting a better deal. For instance you might have a great deal on Stinger spoons or something else to offer so having a dozen of us buying with you might help you as well. I fully expected to have group members inform me they could get a better deal on this or that and would want everyone to get the best deal and if it is not thru me then I will buy from them. I am fully aware that you have to keep both business and pleasure mixed into how you operate this site. The website is a business and fishing is something you love to do however unlike a commercial sales website here most of the content is provided by members and web traffic determines the value of the site. As for me I don't think I would even consider starting a business based on Salmon fishing as a way to make money and I don't think you did either. However I would as you have consider consider being part of a group to help each other and promote our sport. This is the basis of what I offered but again no good deed goes unpunished and what started as a simple offer to fellow members gets twisted up.

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Below is a quote from Mike.........

"I have to disagree with you on this. The activity from the members here are whats keeping this website going. There is also a private area that only supporting members can access, and another for Charter Captains. Other than the private areas, these forums are completely open to anyone who is registered and logged in here. If you are not registered or logged in, there are limitations. Don't believe me?? Log out and click on 11 different posts, then tell me what you see. I do not required people to post, but if they want to continually read what is being posted on this website, they need to register and become a member."

Well, I did learn a lot from this post. I've spent a lot of money for "stuff" over the last few years. Heck, I'm on a first name basis with some of the sales staff and D & R Sports in Kalamazoo. (Really like that store). For years I've spent more then I could have by going to the brick and mortar stores, because I figured it as a consulting fee. I will never forget setting my daughter up with her first bow and arrow when she was 13. Went to Brooks Archery in Kalamazoo and the owner set her up with what she needed. In fact, she is left handed and Ted found her to be right eye dominate and so she learned to do all of her shooting right handed. Well anyway, she became my shooting buddy up until she got married at 28 years old last summer. If I'd have gone the mail order route or a discount store, she'd have probably hated shooting because nothing would have "fit" right.

I also found out about the supporting members area. What about those planner boards by one of this sites sponsors. I'm thinking they may be a good addition to my boat.

Anyway, I know this is getting to be a bit of a ramble but just wanted to let Mike know I appreciate his work on this site and also 1 MAINIAC's idea to save some money. My wife would certainly approve. One last thing I gleaned from another forum. "One of my biggest fears is after I pass away my wife will sell my "stuff" for what I told her I paid for it".

Happy New Year to all of you.

Paul C.

Mattawan, MI.

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Went to Brooks Archery in Kalamazoo and the owner set her up with what she needed

paul ted is my uncle and i personally will not buy a single thing from him ever agian he is just worried about the bottom line and cares only for himself. for archery deal with kruzinga on m-43.

now d-n-r is a great place to deal with some of thier staff are clueless but most of them are knowalable on alot of topics and if all else fails talk to randy he takes time to talk to any customer who needs his help :thumb:

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