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Wabbit Hunting


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I have the week off this week, so when my dad called and wanted to go rabbit hunting, I couldn't resist. These dreary, rainy overcast days make for great rabbit hunting weather. We stepped into the field and the first brush pile I kicked ran out a rabbit, and a miss by me. Not more than one hundred feet to the next brush pile was another rabbit. Dad missed this one, but I picked it up for the first rabbit of the day. Did alot more walking without any tracks or rabbits. Then we found them at the ditch near a stream. From there, we took three more rabbits. At the end of the day, we both went two for three, each missing our first rabbit. It was a fantastic day to spend with Pops. These are the days that make me glad I live close to my dad, makes it easy to hunt and fish with him. Looks like rabbit and sauerkraut for dinner tonight! :D

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great day with the dad:)last time i went i shot the first one on a 2 track...it seen us but didnt seem to care...we got too it and it was kinda lumpy...anyway we threw it in my buddy ricks vest back...went on our way...he was about 20 feet in front of me after about an hour and he kept slapping at his neck..i got a little closer and his orange was blotched black and it looked like it was moving..he was completely engulfed in fleas...greatest thing i ever saw..when we looked closer at the rabbit it had like flea pockets all over it

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