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My 2000 Buck


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I shot these two bucks with a bow from the same stand within 10 minutes of each other.

The first pic is a live pic of my big buck taken with my camtrakker the night before I shot him.

The second pic is a pic of both of the bucks together.

The last pic is when I found the big guy.




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Here is my buck that I happen to shot with my bow in 2004. Its not the biggest but it sure did tast good.

Nice buck Rich! Any deer taken with a bow and arrow is a trophy!

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OK, since we're sharing pics, here's my 2005 Buck. Nice little 8-point taken by my Matthews Switchback at 27 yards:

Nice Buck Bill!!! I think I have my Mathews Q2 sold and was considering getting a Switchback. How do you like yours?

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I LOVE it. It's smooth, fast, quiet, and vibration free right out of the box. I added string leeches and limb savers and it's even quieter now. I shoot against a bunch of Hoyt guys, and I'd put my bow up against their best bows any day. Although I gotta admit the new Trykon is pretty sweet.

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