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I whacked a doe tonight. I wasn't going to shoot her, but she kept staring at me in the tree. She would start to look down, and quickly look at me again. She did this for a couple of minutes. I think she was checking to see if I was going to move.

Well....her game got the best of her, and I decided to let her have it. Fresh tenderloins for me. :D

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If its brown its down.....Got to feed the family somehow. I think the does are better eating anyway!

I think the does are the best eating also.

Always a good idea to get rid of the smart ones. :thumb:I guess she wasn't that smart after all.:butcher:

Usually the does are the smart ones.

Congratulations Mike. Good to get the pressure off and have some meat in the freezer.

I did not get a deer last year, so the pressure is off now.

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