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Gotta be a end to the season sooner or later

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Went fishing with Jay and Steve tonight for our last big lake trip of the season started out with a nice fish in 45ft and hung out there a while looking for more. Moved out to around 80ft picked up a couple more moved back in and got nothing so figured we had 3 in the box and just pointed west and trolled Fishfinder and rods lit up in 120ft and we went 4 for 7 in a about a hour with several tangles due to fish not wanting to stay in their lanes and running into the other gear. So we finished 7 for 11 overall a decent night I had considered fishing Sat but we burned most of the gas I planed on using so when we got back to the dock I decided to call it a season had a great night with 2 great friends not gonna top that. No big fish all nice eaters 5 kings and 2 Steelhead the 4 we lost were all Steelhead that refused to play fair. Jay brought some Venison Jerky which was great and we ate like kings and had a good time going over our summer of fishing. I have not corrected my final talley sheet as to how many of what but the final number for all fish kept is 295 and I have been able to provide lots of friends and family with fish for dinner all season. So thats it folks I am going to take the boat out for a final ride to make sure the Stabil is well mixed and ran thru the fuel system and get the toilet pumped out and winterize the boat. So to all my friends I am going to have to meet you on the pier or on the rivers or lakes till next April got a new Steelhead rod and the Whitefish will be here soon time to put the boat away.


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I may consider it Mike but tried to do it last year to get the last 12 to make 200 and got skunked 2 trips in a row. So most likely I will just put the boat away my goal for the year was 200 fish and we stomped that so maybe ending on a great trip with friends is the way to go. I am pretty sure I could go get the last 5 but I was also pretty sure I could get the last 12 last year so as it stands right now 44 trip 2 skunks for the year and 295 fish total is nearly 7 fish per trip avg so I am pretty happy with that.

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