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Are Any Members Hunters?


Do you hunt?  

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  1. 1. Do you hunt?

    • Yes, I am a hunter.
    • No, I do not hunt.

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I pheasant hunt in SD opening week for 4 days with one group, then hunt in ND for waterfowl for three days with another group, then back to SD for 5 more days of pheasant hunting with another group. Have pheasant hunted in SD/Iowa (now only SD) for the last 16 years and waterfowl hunted in ND for the last 5 years. I used to deer hunt but quit doing that.

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I have hunted ever since I was old enough and went pheasant hunting (with out a gun) before that. This year will make number 36 for deer hunting and around 42 for small game, Have only hunted turkeys for 3 years but after this past season it will also be a yearly thing.

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I use to hunt small game and waterfowl. I loved to hunt pheasants. They are pretty much a thing of the past around here. Now about all I hunt for, are deer and turkeys....and trespassers :mad:

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I'm kind of an indifferent deer hunter, but I love small game, rabbits, pheasant, turkey...

May is a tough month for me, some of the best salmon fishing of the year on the west end of Lake O, and also NY spring turkey season.... decisions decisions.


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Just getting into the swing of things. Have hunted deer a little bit through the years, but nothing steady. I love seeing them in the woods, pretty sweet rush. Last year I tried for a turkey with nothing to show for my efforts. I think from here on out I will be spending more time hunting, when fishing is not possible. I used to fish the rivers a lot during hunting season, but anymore I don't spend anytime on the rivers. Friends have mentioned the duck hunting, and small game hunting, it is just another opportunity to have some memorable times with good friends and family! In the end that's the best part.

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