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What fishfinder units do you all recommend?

I am going to replace my Lowrance 126DF fishfinder. I am looking for a unit that actually will help find fish, not just give me depth readings. I have manipulated every setting and adjusted transducer several times to try and mark fish and it is a rare occurance. I lose bottom with 200 mhz past 220 fow and a lot of times when cruising. Cannot even mark bottom with 50 mhz setting . I hear folks being able to mark thermoclines, mark fish when cruising, see fish rising and watch rigger balls. I definitely feel the unit is not functioning properly and I want to upgrade in the process.

Your input and advice is appreciated.

Thanks, Matt

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Hi Matt. I think if you can afford it when you buy your fishfinder look into a thru hull transducer and buy the highest power unit you can afford and match the transducer to your fishfinder if you can. I think mine is 600 watts and I can still read bottom at 45mph. Not that your going to be locating fish at that speed;) Personally I only have experience with my unit and can't recommend one other then the one I have used. Its a Raymarine and I would buy another one when the time comes. Good luck in your search

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I also run Lowrance (339I). Have no problem marking bottom, thermocline or fish with my unit. You didn't mention how old your unit is, could also be that the transducer is simply not working properly. If your more interested in upgrading, then the more you spend, the more you get, when it comes to graphs.

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Lowrance 525C DF have been very happy with it but a friend of mine bought a Cannon 787 DF this year and I am impressed with it. There are several features I prefer on mine and some I prefer on his. As a fishfinder I like his better Mine does a good job and will mark bait fish at 25 mph cruising but again the Cannon has a couple of cool features mine being a couple years older does not.

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