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Frankfort 8/17PM and 8/18AM

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Fished with my cousin and his wife outta his 20footer.

8/17 PM-Ended up 3/4-5. Got out about 430 i think. Made it 50' from the dock and it started to downpour, seriously. Headed up to Point Betsie and set up around 110fow, went from 40fow out to 160fow. Waves were about 0':) Fished 2 riggers, 2 dipsy, 150', 200', ~200' + 4oz dive bomb of copper; 6,7, full core lead. Hits all came on flasher flies. 150' copper- Mountain Dew SD w/ No See Um fly- 15# King. Mountain Dew SD w/ No See Um fly on dipsy set on 2 250' back- 16# King. Blue Bubble SD combo on dipsy out 225'- 15# King. Lost fish on same Blue Bubble combo, broke 30# leader half way back from snubber.:mad:

8/18AM- Got a late start and headed back to same place on the point on the point. Ended 2/3. A nice 6# steelie and a 8# King. MS Bloody Nose down 94' in 98fow. King on MS Bloody Nose down same. Missed on Nitro Area 51 slider down prob 60'. Headed back in as the waves were building prob-3-4' and we could only fish the north troll due to wind and waves.:( All a rigger bite, of course only had one rigger left.:rolleyes:

That was the fishing but we had more time into unwrapping. Being a South Haven fishermen, i was not used to the whole going from 110fow to 40fow in 50 feet. We managed to wrap every rod on the boat i think. Braid dipsy, wire dipsy and 200' copper all got wrapped:grin: Hooked the downrigger ball into the shelf and broke it off while burning up the motor. Down to one rigger now.

Retied that dipsy and was letting out when other dipsy took off directly into it, yay!!! Ended up handlining in a 15# king that was out 286'. :eek: Ended up shortening 2 copper rods, lost a 6 and 7 colors of lead. Lost a board but found it. A few spoons and a flasher/fly combo.

But hey it was a fun time and a learning experience. It was either nice waves and rain or sunshine and big waves.:lol: Frankfort is beautiful place that i WILL be fishing again. Too foggy to see much Mon night but tues morn was gorgeous. Lots of boats but most were courteous. Had one guy call before cutting behind told him what i had out and he turned other way:) Only heard of one yahoo going around cutting off multiple people:no: Will post pics when they get emailed.

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It sure is a different experience up there isn't it. My wife and I were up there a few years ago. We got pushed inside up by the point and before you know it we were in 30'. Headed down to the Herring Hole and we were closer to shore but in over 100' of water. And you can't beat the view. I don't think I'll get up there this year but I plan on it next year.

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Nice job Jarod, i had the family up staying on the Betsie river last weekend and the salmon were starting to jump the dam, and a few guys were catching salmon on yarn infront of the dam. You are right Jarod Frankfort and the surrounding area is one of the most beautiful places in the State.

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Welcome to Franfort and I see the Bank said high with it's usual slap in the face, it is extremely tough to fish in rough weather. Frankfort was my homeport for a lot of years and there are not many places I would rather be. Herring Hole is another expierence in it's self but can hold some good fish at times. Thanks for the report.

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