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Any Frankfort Reports?

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Lots of fish to be had! Meat rigs are flying out of the tacklebox every time I'm there. Fish have been running on the deep side.(85 to 150 down) Lures that are consistently working are Silver Streak Angry gnome, Moonshine carbon 14, silver carbon, and raspberry carbon, Sarge, Daisy Cutter. Silver horde spatter back plugs in purple, green, and blue have also been good. Fish are being caught anywhere from Herring Hole and north to the islands. Copper has been a staple in 200 to 550 lengths. We also had luck with 4 oz stinger dive bombs on 10 colors. Mag divers set on 2.5 out 275 with echips and spindoctors with Raptor hypnotist and ventriloquist flies have also been good...

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I just posted one from yesterday in the reports section. Although we did not have as much luck as the Capt. Jim. Grabbed a Sarge when i got there and could not find til off the water:rolleyes: Heard that was hot. Most were 1-3 fish from radio chatter and cleaning station Mon night. Im sure some did much better than us, as we spent time cleaning up tackle and never having fished here before.:P

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Thanks for the reports guys, I am headed up tomorrow around lunch to see if I can get in an evening trip. Saw the water report today 3-5's and North wind all weekend. Maybe that will bring the fish up hoping for 1-3's but beats the 6-8's we had a couple weeks ago when I was there. Should be lots of boats but going to give it a shot anyway.

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