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a late report, went out sat am set lines in 100fow just as the sun came up had rip on the wire dipsy set on 2 200' back with a pearl flasher and a siggs rigg green hypnotist fly and peeled off another 100' :eek: grab pole and gave to a new guy out for his very first time on the big lake, after about fifteen minutes I asked him how he was doing and all he did was turn around smile and said my arm is burning!!!!:D:D, after about 25 min boated a nuce king 19# 7oz. then it was pretty dead for us finally picked up a 8# steelie in 100fow on a 5 color with a green scaley j plug gave that one to him and after landing he said that was a little easier, so ended the day pulled lines and headed in, I think that we not only caught fish but hooked him also to salmon fishing:D

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