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"ludington report"

fished out of ludington the 13th thru the 16th

thurs night- went 2 for 4 both over 18 came on glow green j's fished straight out on the 35 line

fri.- same area went 4 for 5 really nice size and again on j's

sat. a.m.- went a little north on the 33 line went 7 for 8 with my first 20lbr. it went 22.5lbs. once again all on j's that glow green and a couple on the black lightning

sat p.m.- went 3 for 4 using same plugs and have totell this story. it's 10:15 time to pull lines i grab the high diver to clear it and it won't release. clear all other lines and it's not tangled have to turn the boat and go after it a ton on tension on it. get the dipsie up to the boat and it's tangled in coopper. get the tangle cut out start handlining the copper in and theres a fish on it and he didn't like the color of my boat. he ran 3 times and each time we handlined it back in with of course all 4 guys on one side of the boat watching. finally get it to the boat a third time and it swims under the boat as it comes back out my buddy sticks the net straight down and it finally swims into the net. it was 21 lbs. with a nice new ace high in it's mouth

sun a.m.- fished to the north again went 3 for 4 all j's. had the lucky j from the 21lber out and a big king jumped across the low diver and the rigger cable and took the lucky j with him.

all in all a verry good weekend this was the best i had ever done on my boat with my own gear as i just started salmon fishing last year with my own boat and gear. and one other side note the guys fishing with me had never salmon fished before so i had to hold school and they did great. thanks scott,dave and mel it was a blast.

went something like 18 for 24 approx.



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OK If you catch the monster that stole my Spatter Back Plugs, one is green the other is blue, the Blue one has a flasher board still attached to it as well, please return equipment as soon as possible and send pic of Fish... I hate that Fish, and it owes me some big money...

Great Story... and they mostly happen to Us beginners... Why Is that..???

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Nice job over there. Thanks for the report. I wish i would have been there to witness that handlining ordeal. I can only imagine the atmostphere. Congrats on the big fish and succsessful trip. Trips like that are a real confidence builder when your first starting out.

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Great story and trip.

I have rule (superstition) that I go by. It comes from my days when I played golf. If I found a golf ball, I wouldn't play it at that coarse. I figured it was meant to be lost or had bad karma there. The same goes for any fishing equipment I have found. I won't fish it out of that port.:no::lol:

Nice job on the 20+'s.

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