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fuel gauge

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The electronic fule gauge on our grady white seems to be stuck on four bars. Found this out the unforunate way. :eek: Luckily we were on an inland lake and the trolling motor got us in. Any ideas if this is fixable or should just be replaced??

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If it's not too bad to access/remove the sending unit, I would go that route first and see if the gauge is working properly. If your moving the sending unit up and down and the gauge is not moving up and down then something is likely wrong with the sending unit. I had to change out both on one of my boats in the past but the sending unit was the main culprit.

It seems very common to have gas gauge problems on boats for some reason. My current boat has two tanks and the port tank will read just above half and the starboard tank will read below a half and they will both take the same amount of gas to fill up. It’s not a problem now that I have become used to it, but I was really concerned for a while that one motor was hogging gas more than the other when they were really closer than the gauge was telling me.

One other thing, it may be a good idea to get a gasket making kit from the hardware store and cut some gaskets yourself while diagnosing the problem. I liked the ones I cut myself better than the “one†that came with the new sending unit last time I replaced one.

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