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8-15-09 "The Hall" a.m.

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Went 10 for 14 from 6 am to 8 am in 100 to 125 fow.

NBK spoons were hot 57 down,98 down, DW mag glow with green eye 83 down. bounty hunter on full core , nbk on both copper, nbk flasher- hit man fly. big blue paddle with blue bubble fly. We did not get the dipsies in until

7:30 they both took fish right away, so we started pulling lines to call it a


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Won't take many of those fish to fill a freezer. Way to go, you guys are getting me wound up to try for the silvers. I haven't fished the west side in 20 years but it sure gets me fired up to see fish like that. I'll make it over that way one of these days.


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