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My sons and I were joined by Walt, Brian, and Tim today. We left the dock around 5:15am. We ended up 6 for 10(5 chinook, and a steelhead). All of our fish came from 60-80FOW. The down temp was 58 degrees, down 50' :eek:

This is what took fish or had fish on:

One on a stingray size Mixed Veggies.

One on a stingray size Killer Dolphin.

One on a stingray size NITRO Area 51.

One on a stingray size NITRO ET. (Lost fish)

One on a stingray size NITRO Green Fireball.

One on an 11" Protroll Double Pearl Fish Scale with a Siggs Rigs Brushed Stainless trophy fly

One on an 11" Protroll Chartruse blade, with chartrues tape and a Siggs Rigs Green Apple trophy fly. Lost one on this set up also.

I forgot what the last two were on. :o

We foul hooked a 10lb steelhead in the back. :eek: I had the boat backed down to idle in foreward for an hour before we finally got this fish in the boat. This was at the prime time when the rods were popping. :mad:

We pulled lines at 11:30am and went in.

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Great Job Mike, we were out too, left dock at 6:00, was back at 11:00. We ended up 7-9. 10 color was best for us, went 5 times with Blue Flounder Pounder. Took 1 hit on a Green Scaley J-plug, 2 hits on Purple Thunder Glow (24) Nailer and 1 on a Lime Ice Glow (42). Best depth was from 50-55.

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