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Shakespeare tidewater conventional reels

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I have one on my boat, i use it for 2 color lead.

It is probably 7 years old and still ticking.

It has retrieved several fish over the years.

There are better reels out there but you can't go wrong

for the money.:D:D

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I have been very unhappy with the one I had for a wire diver. Worked good at first but crapped out after a few years of heavy use. Drags are junk, the line counter reset button broke. I'll never a buy another.

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I have 4 of them and found they do not hold up to regular use. The line counters break. The drags are not very good. This year I have replaced all of them with Okuma Catalinas and Penns. For me these were fine entry level reels that got me started.

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for the money you can but okuma magdas which are better then the shakespeare. i got a couple and userd them once. now i use them to spool off my copper to retie the mon between the braid and copper. that is all i can find them good for.

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