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Precious now, panic at the time...

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Camped in Elk Rapids, wife at the horse show in Traverse City, I left Frankfort, Mi/Point Betsie/ 133FOW

Hit the rigger at 85 down on a dodger and fly. Stripped all my 20lb test spectra and half the backing. Had to f-ing back down on it to gain line back. Got it up to the boat and my 9' Cabela downrigger rod snapped in half. All I could do was watch him drift away. I grabbed the port side rigger, popped it off the ball to see if I could snag him. I snagged the dodger rigging. Got him back to the boat and just as I went to scoop him up, the rigging slid through the line and he was off again. I dropped that rod and grabbed my copper rig to try and snare it, I got it. Got him up to the boat and went to scoop him up but he was to big for the net. I snagged the swim platform twice before I shifted to the side of the boat. Finally, I let him slide in tail first and couldn't lift him out with one arm. I threw the copper rig to the floor, hopped over the bench seat and winched him out with two hands. I finally got that mother - fer! 34" x 22lbs.

I hadn't felt like that since I landed my Marlin.

Great day!

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