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Fishwhisperer and I took out the Nee Hi. Ended up 3 for 5. 22" Laker, 35" about 12-14# King and 35" 17# 12oz. King. Lost a little laker on 150' copper greasy chicken wing in 130fow. Missed nice fish on SSWR in 90fow while netting fish. Picked up keeper laker on SSWR(more later) in 150fow on Miami Dolphin. King on SSWR in 120fow Miami Dolphin. Big king on 200' copper 105 fow MS Mongolian Beef.

Started pretty slow as not a hit til 8pm. Fished 85fow out to 150. Wrapped up all kinds of stuff. Copper, leadcore, dipsy, mono, dive bombs. We wrapped everything we could today for some reason.:rolleyes::lol: Pulled my single rigger and my clip came out of the weight. :angry2: Only weight naturally.:rolleyes: So here is what we came up with.....



2- 1# balls and a 1# pencil weight:D We fished a 2 color SWR with a 4 oz. dive bomb off this. Its our new rig. Not sure yet on name, either SSWR (Super Secret Weapon Rig) or SSSWR (Saugatuck Super Secret Weapon Rig) :lol: We ended up taking 3 of 5 hits on that.:P We had to improvise.:D





All in all it was a fun day with some nice fish and another reason to get a bigger cooler. Lots of sunshine and flat calm by sunset. :) Thanks for coming along Randy!

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Nice job, I have a name in mind, but don't think this is the right place for it. Nice to have adverse situations and be able to overcome!!!!

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