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Muskegon 7/19AM GLFTT Event

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We took our time leaving Fishermans Landing on Sunday, and motoring to where we were going to fish. At 6AM, we were the pier heads and started setting lines.

I was just getting ready to set the 5th line, when the center downrigger with a NITRO Citrus fired. I grabbbed the rod, and after a short battle, we boxed our first fish, a 13lb king. As soon as this fish was in the net, a 2 color core with a NITRO Area 51 starts pulling back. I grab this rod, and after a short battle, we boxed a 14lb king. As soon as this fish was in the net, a wire diver on 3 with 70' of line out , and an 11" Protroll Chartruse blade, with chartruse tape and a Siggs Rigs green apple trophy fly fired. Mark grabbed this rod. It peeled off a quick 100+ of line off before it slowed down. A short battle later another 14lb king. This was 3 nice kings in the box by 6:10AM! :thumb:

From here I lost track of what went when. The Chartruse Protroll/Siggs Rigs combo went 2 more times. An 11" Protroll double peal fish scale with a Siggs Rigs brushed stainless trophy fly went.

We took a fish on 2 color core with a Stingray size double orange crush

We took a fish on a half core with a Stingray size crag's x-mas

Our last fish came at 11AM in 55FOW on a rigger set at 25' with a Stingray size Killer Dolphin. Hunter reeled this fish in. It ended up being our biggest fish, and was the biggest fish of the tournament! :thumb: He asked for his prize money for the biggest fish after the weigh in. :eek:

We stayed in 30-60FOW all day. We ended up 10 for 10, and our biggest 6 that we weighed in weighed 76.5lbs. We won the GLFTT event and Hunter caught the biggest fish. :thumb:Hunter kept the money for the biggest fish. :eek:

Here is the webcam image of our winning catch.


Here is the photo from the weigh in. Some goofy looking guy in a black shirt is in front of the fish. :(


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