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Big water and slow fishing were the theme for the morning. But because of the hard working crew aboard the Manistee Mama we managed to boat 4 out of 5 fish. One 20+ lb king, one 19 lb king, one 9 lb. steelie and a shaker, that despite some CPR efforts, had to go in the box. Green spinnys and green NK spoons took the fish on riggers, high diver, wire diver, and 150 copper.

Thank you to Capt. Ellis and first mate Lynn for sticking it out on the shelf in some super sloppy conditions.





sorry about the small pics, they wer taken with a cell phone.

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Looks like allot of fun to me. You got some real nice fish there...I love the pic of you on the wire dipsey rod. You can tell theres some serious torque on the business end of that line. I dont know about you, but thats my favorite rod in the boat.

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