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1985 21' Bayliner

Nick Gibson

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We purchased a new boat this weekend that would handle some larger waves. It needs cleaning and some rigging work. It came with four poles downriggers and cannon balls. It is a hard top in good shape.


Needs a good buffing job but looks pretty nice.


Two of the older walker downriggers and a smaller dog house.


Auto pilot and fish finder hope fully we can get the auto pilot to work!


Canvas to keep us warm when it cools of


And a bait station for running meat rigs and stuff.

We need to put some rod holders on it and replace some seals but it is ready to go. We also need suggestions for names:grin::D:grin::D:grin:

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She looks like a fishing machine. Downriggers on is great start now you just need tracks, and trees, and holders, and ......... she will be set up perfect just the way you want, not someone elses. Nice rig! Making me jealous.:grin:

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Nice rig nick. I see your relation even has to beg for a trip. HA.

I also see you have joined the bayliner group. We take a lot of crap from the sea ray guys, but they fish just fine. I like the hard top. Perhaps you can play off that concept with the name. Something like "Hard Headed".

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We fished a derby this weekend out of the same boat. The hard top was very nice with the winds. Only problem is that i am 6'1 and was not used to the boat and have a knot on my eye and a couple on my head from the hardtop. We also used most of my gear on the boat and my leads were to long for this boat being that there is so much hard top on this boat. A longer net would have helped as well....just something to think about. I think this boat can be a very effective weapon with the proper rigging. Nice find guys!!!

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