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Sorry for the late report, but was out at the camp ground. I fished Muskegon for the first time since the Stinger Tourny Last year. Had family in so we had to try. Thursday night took out my cousin of Arizona (First Timer- He was Frozen so ended a little quicker). Set up in 65 fow on the other side of a big temp break. And went back to the same place Friday morning. Here is the break down:

Thrusday Night 1-1 - 10 lbs king -DW flasher and GLo-Blue fly 120 back. The first timer landed that was the most photograhped fish thats been in the boat in a long time and it was pretty cool to see that much joy:grin:

Firday Morning: 4-7

1) 9 lbs king -DW Mountain dew flasher- BW Dingleberry fly 90 Back. 60fow

2) 17.5 lbs king - DW Blue flasher-GLO bule fly 95 back. 62 fow

3) 8 lbs king -DW Mountain dew flasher- BW Dingleberry fly 90 Back. 65fow

4) lost one on -DW Wonder Bread flasher - NBK Fly 80 back 60fow

5) lost one on - Rigger 40 down with a FS Watermelon 70 fow

6) 4lbs Brown - Rigger 44 down on a FS Monkey Doo 70fow

7) lost one on - DW White flasher-BW wonder bread fly 100 back 75 fow.

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