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i was join by kevin and nick gibson and there bother-inlaw for a trip to ludington we left the dock at 6 an ran to the big sable point and setup at the bath house and ran the edge of the self to the point and then went beyond the stick and work 120 to 200 north of the point then back to just south of the point and finish the day with 21 for 25 15 boxed and 1 laker and 4 shaker and a 10 pound king that slip out of my hand in the process of putting it in the cooler and ended up back in the water fish 60 to 70 down and 10 12 15 and 300 cooper and dipsys out 140 to 160 on 1.5 and 180 to 225on 3

and here the pic



thanks kevin and nick and chuck for joining me

p.s. its june but there are salmon to catch at the point

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Great job Guys I'm so enviuos..... I didin't get to fish on Friday Morning... but there will be others/..... Now I have to figure out how to catch'em in Elk Rapids...... Grand Traverse Bay

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You guys did a great job. It seemed to be feast or famine in Ludington the last couple weekends. As you said, the boats that went north had the better boxes and bigger fish. I have been fishing south the last two weekends and even though we have been taking double digit fish each trip, the size is getting smaller and the fishing is getting tougher. Last weekend I threw back a dozen shakers and 5 lake trout and we didn’t have king over 8 pounds.

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