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My second trip of the year on Erie. Launched around 02:00pm and ran out to the front of Fermi 26 fow near the Ohio line. Managed 4 walleyes each measured 14.5". Just undersized. I thought we kept catching the same fish?? 2 came on a stinger lime tux on the downrigger. The other two on a white crawler harness on a BB. Had to head in @ 06:00pm. The lake layed down nice and it was fun to be out. Hope to get out again this weekend. I have some other spots I want to try.:grin:


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run out a little farther to the turn around bouy( large white with red stripe) and find 28-30 fow a ton of fish out there . i was running jet 40's 65 back with hiway huckle berr, chartruese pooh bear, and puss-n-boots and they all took a bunch of fish. started at 700 and was done by 1115 with 4 tickets. if you have jet 30's run those back 85. good luck. my boat name is nut-n-eze and i am normally on ch. 80. give me a call. i'll help if i can


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