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Flying lure from the ice?

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No, but it makes good sense. Many of our ice walleyes the last few years when initially coming in to inspect your jiged offering, seem to be induced to strike better when that lure appears to be swimming up or away and trying to escape. The flying lure with it's natural gliding away action when jigged and allowed to fall on a slack line, would probably mimic this action on it's own quit well. Only problem I could see is that it would probably tangle a lot with the lure in the other hole next to it, that we usually cut and fish in. :angry2:

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Sure you need to fish in solitude on the ice to fish it efficently. Flying lure had a bit of checkered carrier here in Sweden, it first came along on those TV-shows on commercial TV and you had to buy 20 of them, using the US commercial for black bass taking the lure it poorly launched. Since no black bass exist here most used it for european perch, problem is that they often live with northern pike and those cut the line, if fitted with spade-end hooks

and thin wire it would fit fishing here better.

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