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4-26 - Greasy Day in South Haven

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It was another nice day on the lake out of South Haven. Mark met me at the house at 5:30am, and we headed to the boat launch in South Haven and met Kevin and Nick at the ramp. After the boat was rigged, and put in the water, we left the dock around 7am.

We ended the day 10 for 12, with 2 coho and 8 lake trout.

We set lines in 50FOW and trolled out to 90FOW. After an hour or so of nothing happening, we spun the boat in shallower. About the time we hit 60FOW, we picked up our first fish.


As soon as we got the line reset and came across a hump, both full cores went. These were both lake trout.





We got these lines reset, and a rigger with a slider with a Stinger spring chicken went. This ended up being around a 3lb coho.


Around here is where I loose track of what order everything went. We picked up a coho on a red/black thin fin on a high line.

We picked up 2 lake trout on a ProTroll prochip8 Mountain Dew flasher with a Siggs Rigs Green Apple trophy fly. This was on a wire diver set on 3 with 120' of line out.


We picked up 1 lake trout on a ProTroll prochip8 Blue Bubble with a Siggs Rigs Bluegreen Hypnotist. This was on a wire diver set on 3 with 120' of line out.


The last fish we caught was on a 1/2 core with a Stinger Stingra gold hammered Orang Killer.


We caught fish or lost fish on the following baits.

Stinger Stingray NBK(caught 1 and lost 1) on a full core

Stinger Stingray Killer Dolphin(caught 3) on a full core

Protroll prochip8 Blue Bubble with a Siggs Rigs Bluegreen Hypnotist trophy fly(1)

Protroll prochip8 Mountain Dew with a Siggs Rigs Green Apple trophy fly(2)

Stinger Stinger Spring Chicken(1)

Stinger Stingray gold hammered Orange Killer(2) half core

Thin Fin red/black(1) on flat line behind board

The surface temp at 90FOW was 44 degrees. The down temp was 42 degrees at 60' down.

We pulled lines at noon and came in.

Thanks for coming along Mark, Kevin, and Nick!


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Great job finding them, I went south and set up about a mile past the nuke plant and never went out fished in 30-60. Had one fish hit hard in about 52 ft of water on a silver w/ green and orange thin fish but spit it back out. It was on a high line on a yellow bird. I would have liked to see one of those lakers. I pulled lines when after the second lightning strike. Zero fish in the boat today.

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