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lead balls?

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Okay this is not about lead balls, but now that I have your attention.

There is new legislation to ban the sale of, and parts for children's ATVs and dirtbikes.

I know that the law was enacted because of the presence of lead in parts for these vehicles, but think about taking your kid fishing and dropping that 2 pound lead ball down the chute. Do you handle it? Does he/she handle it? Do you touch them after you have handled it? Is there lead on your boat? The answer is yes! Not only is it in your tackle, it's in your motor, outdrive, steering, trolling motors.....

Anyways back to the point. This is just another law meant to take away our freedom and our children's freedom, the government trying to save us from ourselves. What will be the next ban, BB guns?

Protect our freedom to ride, hunt and fish. Email your representatives.

It is best to start with your state representative. the easiest way to find yours is to search "state of...". On your state's web site there should be a search committed to find the representative for your distict.

Please help to repeal this awful law that is destined to ruin family fun and put hardworking Americans out of work.(Like we need more of that, especially in Michigan).

This is a federal law, it applies to all of you!

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