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Had 4 riggers and 4 lines behind the big boards set at 9AM about a mile north of junk cars. Running a variety of tadpollys and thinfins. Mostly red but some orange. Tolled south for a hour and 15 minutes and had 8 coho in the box and missed 3-4 others. Turned and trolled back toward the piers and by 11:30 had our other 7 while missing 3-4 more. Never had more than 10 minutes without some kind of action. Riggers at 8' took about the same amount of fish as the lines behind the boards. Lures behind the riggers were 35-40' back and those behind the boards were 75' back on one side and 100' back on the other. DNR man at the ramp tried to count our fish in the box and finally said, yeah that looks like about 15! And it really was. Also caught a fish that came up with a another lure in its mouth, and attached to that lure was a line with a rod and reel! I'm more than glad to give it to whoever lost it. Identify the reel, rod and lure it is yours if you come and pick it up. Cold, windy mother out there. Especially since you could not keep your gloves on because of the constant action. Fortunately the wind was dead out of the east and we never got out more than 20 FOW. Most action came between 12 and 20'. Great day no matter what the chill factor was.


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