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I picked one up just a month ago from "fish on bait and tackle" in nunica, mi for $379. I bought it at the fishing show in grand rapids so it may have been a "show special". I do not know if they do any internet sales but i could locate the number if you wanted it.

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This is a great place to shop and Captain Willis always gives great deals I bought aFishhawk from Willis at the fishing show in Birch run....and I believe I'll be there on Wednesday this week looking for two light line poles and reels.... Tom.... How do you know about Fish On.....? Being from Chelsea, that's a long way away.... I make the trip at least once a month to see the Captain... and pick up some fising stuff.

Sorry Todd, I cannot help you with and Depth Raider, I bought the Fish Hawk based on all the advice i receieved from this site. It's all redesigned, and I've heard its the best

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