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Muskegon 11 April - 1 Brown Trout

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Went fishing out of Muskegon this morning. DIRTY DOG, my sons, and B-Dawg came along, and we ended the day, 1 for 1. We started setting lines before we hit the end of the inner channel, and once we rounded the pier, we hooked up with a nice brown trout(7 or 8lbs) around 9:05am.


As you can see in this picture, the lake was flat, and the wind was hardly blowing. When we pulled lines, it was blowing 20+ mph.

This fish came on a high line 125 behind a board with my new bait. :)


I thought this was going to be a great day after an early start. This ended up being the only thing we caught today. The wind picked up around 11am, and it got COLD going on a South troll. We fished until around 12:30 without another bump, and pulled lines.

The fish was caught on a South Troll @ 2.0mph on the probe. The water temp in the mud was 43 degrees. In the clean water, the water temp is 38 degrees.

I know of another boat that was out that caught a brown trout in 6FOW on a hot-n-tot.

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Nice first fish Mike wish I had been able to go I took the grandkids out to breakfast before they had to leave this morning and went past the storage to see my boat was still buried. We drove down by the beach and saw a couple of smaller boats runnig the shoreline south of the piers. There were a lot of boats perch fishing around the sand docks have not heard any reports as to how they did. I should have mine home next week so I guess that means I have to do some catching up on the fish counts.

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