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I like the VMC Hooks for the trebles, short shank 4650, we run these on our fly riggs and meat riggs, If we are going to run a second hook on the rig it is a Owner or Gamakatsu 4/0 or 5/0 octopus, I don't much like the "Beak" style hooks in the treble's because they are a pain to sharpen. All our trebles are sharpened before they go over the side, the Owner and Gamakatsu's are plenty sharp for the way we use them out of the package..

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Owner #1 2x strong trebles and Mustad or Owner 4/0 2x strong octopus singles I also tie setups with both hooks. Gamma Flouro leader material snelled on no hook or leader issues in the last 3 years. If the hooks are in them something else will fail first.

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We have been using Owner hooks on our flies for 5 years now. They are by far the sharpest and strongest fly treble hook made. However, they are pretty pricey! We use the "Stinger-41 Trebles" in Size 1 for our flies. No matter what brand of fly it is, the stock hook comes off and these hooks go on. During tournaments, we replace the leader and hook after every couple fish, just because of it's pure sharpness!!! The hooks can be found on their website.

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