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Pen Rearing Projects Information

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Pen Rearing Information

Pen rearing projects around the lake aid in the stocking efforts of both Steelhead and Chinook Salmon. Pen rearing allows these fish to "smolt" and to grow to larger sizes before their release date. Unlike direct stocking, pen rearing increases survival and returns rates of these fish. These programs exist today because of the strong relationship between the DEC and the project's volunteers.

If you have contact info for other pen rearing programs or updated information you would like to add email me or PM me.

Sandy Creek Pen Rearing Project

Bob Holden - coordinator


email [email protected]

The Sandy Creek pen site is located at:

Sandy Creek Marina

12 Lake Road East Fork

Hamlin, NY, 14464

Genesee River Pen Rearing Project

Sam Zucco - coordinator


email [email protected]


The Genesee River pen site is located at:

Shumway Marina

40 Marina Dr

Rochester, NY 14617

Olcott Pen Rearing Project

Curt Meddaugh - coordinator


email [email protected]


The Olcott pen site is located at:

Town of Newfane Marina

5818 West Main Street

Olcott, New York 14126

(716) 778-5462

Fair Haven Pen Rearing Project

Jim Jared - coordinator

607-843-6900 or cell 607-316-0331

email [email protected]

The Fair Haven pen site is located at:

Anchor Resort and Marina

West Bay Road

Fair Haven NY


Lower Niagara River Pen Rearing Project

Paul Jackson - coordinator

716-731-4780 OR 998-8910

Niagara River Anglers Association


email [email protected]

The Lower Niagara pen site is located at:

Constitution Park

Youngstown, NY

Oak Orchard Pen Rearing Project

Bob Songin - coordinator


email [email protected]


The Oak Orchard pen site is located at:

Lake Breeze Marina

990 Point Breeze Rd

Kent, NY 14477

Sodus Bay Pen Rearing Project

Steve Smith - coordinator

315-483-1030/ 585-732-3171

email [email protected]

The Sodus Bay pen site is located at:

Arney's Marina

7250 route 14 North

Sodus Point, NY 14555

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