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I am in the process of tweaking my tackle for the coming season. In the past I had placed split rings on the front of all of my spoons. I was recently told by a pro that if a lure comes with a split ring leave it on, if it comes without a split ring do not add one. I have also read both, that it was best to have split rings on all spoons and not to have split rings on any spoons because it hurts the action. Of course now I can't remember which spoons came with rings and which did not. So now I am removing all split rings. Any thoughts or past experiences with split rings and spoons will be appreciated.:confused:

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I run the spoons like they come except for hook changes. I do like the rounded duo-lock snaps for the hook up. In fact I run bead chain swivels and duo-lock snaps. The bead chain swivels allow for more lateral movement, allowing the spoons to work to their full potential. :) J-Cubed, I see AuGres listed under your pic. I hope to see you there sometime soon.

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Heavier spoons usually come with split rings. Lighter spoons generally do not, i.e. Stinger spoons. That is why they come like they do.

Personally, any spoon over 1/2 ounce I have always put a split ring on. Examples of this would be Fuzzy Bears, Silver Streaks, etc. On a heavier spoon, the split ring helps you troll at a faster speed while not losing the spoon action. Lighter spoons are made to troll at faster speeds, so no split ring is needed.

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