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this topic has probably been run into the dirt already...but im looking at getting heavier cannonballs...probably 15# im open to style at this point...i hear pancake are great with not blowing back much...but are hell in current...round being somewhat opposite...im leaning towards round for the current issues...what do you guys think?

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I wanted the sharks or torpedo style weights but they don't fit in my holders and cost to much so stuck with round fined balls again this year. 15's on the back and 12's on the out and downs. I also have a set of 12 lb bottle's for the out and downs and some of the fish weights but mostly use the finned round balls.

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I like my black coated shark 12's and never had an issue. But I have never had them deeper than about 120 down with managable blowback. I'm sure the 15's would be better for your riggers especially with a probe attached.

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Personally, I have used the Shark weights and am not a big fan. They are overpriced and not worth the money.

I have always used JimBob weights, which are now marketed by Stinger.

Here is a link: http://www.mistinger.com/cannonballs.htm

I would recommend using a round weight off your center rigger, or back two riggers, and pancake weights off of your outdowns. The pancake weights' fins can be adjusted and tuned for better tracking. Some guys put them at as much as a 45 degree angle so they pull out from the boat, which avoids tangles. Usually, we keep ours around a 20-25 degree angle and never have any issues.

Most people dislike pancake weights in currents, or wherever, because they are fishing them off the back of their boat, and not off to the side, which they are designed and made to do. That is why they have adjustable fins.

Hope this helps!

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