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WTB Auger Parts for Jiffy Model 30 3 hp

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Well, ive acquired and old JIffy 3 hp ice auger. Its the original with the top handle/throttle and single side handlebar. It runs, but i do need some parts for it.

Heres what im after:

A gas tank for a model 30 3 hp Jiffy Ice Auger.

New style winged handles

New style throttle assembly and Throttle rod

So, if you have an old beat up Jiffy 3 hp that doesnt run collecting dust out in your barn id like to talk to you about it.

Thanks, Adam

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Thank you sir. I have that very schematic saved on my PC. I was just hoping to save some money on some of the parts by going the used route. If worse comes to worse ill take the plunge and get new parts. I have a power head in good working order, just trying to get this one fixed up.

Thank you for the link, much appreciated.

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