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Your best Brown Trout bait

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1) Green Dolphin Scorpion Stinger

2) Black/Gold Size 11 Floating Rapala

3) Orange/Gold Size 11 Floating Rapala

4) Holly Christmas Scorpion Stinger

5) Golden Shiner Scorpion Stinger (Gold Blade)

6) Perch Scorpion Stinger (Gold Blade)

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I'm sorry but this forum is called the "Salmon Pro's Connection." I don't think the word Brown Trout should be allowed in here! :lol:

Last year when I was forced to fish for those speckled trout at the Sodus Pro-Am I had really good luck on a Stinger Penguin pattern.

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One of my favorites are a Swedish plug named Vicke, 3/4 ounce is the weight I use


Thats one of my favourites too, but I mainly use it on the Baltic sea, Sea trout (Salmo trutta trutta).

The browns in our big lakes seems to enjoy the sight and taste :-) of a 3" or 4" Tomic, Bomber Long 15a, and some handmade finnish cranks named "Lappia".

Hello Allessandro, it is Kjelle from Scandinavian Trolling :-)



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