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Can't wait for soft water

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Hi to everyone. This is a big year for me - I retire at the end of March and am looking forward to spending a lot more time on the water in Erie's central basin. We keep our Grady White at the Geneva State Park Marina and bust our butts trying to catch limits of 'eyes, just like the charter boats, but it's obvious that we lack the know-how to produce limits as often as they do. I'm hoping that this web-site will help in making me more successful.


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Ron, A very warm welcome to you. Retirement is great, except for the pay. If I would get a check every week, like the one I get the first of every month, things would be dandy. I fish the Saginaw Bay for Walleye. We limit most every trip, even with 4-6 people onboard. I fish mostly out of my 22 ft. Starcraft Islander Hardtop. I run 8 Offshore boards with the flag system and a couple of rods off the back. I mostly run crawler harnesses, with the real deal on them. When the bite is on I'll fish 5 out of 7 days. Check out my pics.:)

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Welcome aboard Ron! Thanks for taking the time and doing an introduction.

I have been looking for volunteers to spud a channel out to the big lake. Maybe you will have better luck than I am. :D

If you need anything, let out a yell.


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