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Torqued em again

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Had another fantastic morning. Headed out to the same spot as i fished last night. Infact, i fished the very same hole. Had fish in right away. Caught one then had a lull. I adjusted my presentation and got em going. I ended up landing 9 fish this morning. Lotta fun. Hopefully i can catch em again sometime.

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Adam, Lighten up on those walleye just a touch.:) You need to save a few for Priority1 when the soft water challenge begins.:lol: I love the Bay and it's great fishery. I'll be on them as much as anyone after ice out.:)

My best times on the water, is when I can share it with some kids.

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Nice work AB. Should have my sled running by next weekend. What are your thoughts about a tag along?

I dont see why not.;)


I went easy on em last night. The dirty buggers moved on me, but i finally found em late....then they dissappeared. I iced 2 and lost 1 along with a beauty of a lake trout. Measured between 32-33"...wouldnt hold still and i didnt want to hurt it. Dad caught 1 and my new friend Al from another board landed 3. Take the guy to the spot, drill his hole cause his auger puked and he outfishes me....Something wrong with this picture.:confused::no::lol::cool: We didnt catch allot of fish, but boy did we have fun.






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