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Some Swedish salmons


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Just want to show you all what the Baltic sea has to offer.

I am not the one in any of these pictures, it is just to let you see some of the monsters we have here, and these ones is not the biggest ones.

The first one is a 50.15lb Atlantic salmon.


And this one is a 41.2lb Atlantic salmon.


(the salmon next to the big one is about to be used a cut bait :eek::lol:)

I think the biggest salmon caught on fishing rods in the Baltic sea is around 60lb.

Thats like dragging a mad pig behind the boat lol.


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Here is a few more.

I did some research and found that the biggest salmon caught on rod weighed 88lb.(fish caught back in -35)

And that the biggest one caught in net weighed 103lb.........

Here is some of the biggest caught during "modern time"

64lb, 131cm long.










Loads of nice proteins lol.

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I am jealous!

What is your personal best?

My personal best is around 30-35lb.

I have been fishing the big Swedish lakes most of my trolling time.

I move to the Baltic shore 5 yrs ago and have been without boat three of these years, but i am eager to increase my PB alot this season.

I will keep you updated :-)


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