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Auto pilot question

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Does any one use the TR-1 Gold for theier Kicker motor, and if so how do you like it. I have outboard for kicker and big motor, they are conected with ez steer but cant be if TR-1 is connected. So can you have the ez steer connection still on and connect TR-1? And if you are using TR-1 and have to steer the boat am I correct that the only way you can do that is with the remote? I am open to other options for an auto pilot but I do like the fact you can controle the throtle from the remote with the TR-1.

Thanks for your help Sean

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as for me if i did have a kicker without a doubt TR-1 ALL the way!! best thing since sliced bread!! ive fished on several boats with them and they work so well that if you get one youll say how did i ever fish without it!! you cannot have your EZ-steer connected...the tr-1 hydro ram will not have enought force to move the large outboard/sterndrive, and yes the only way to steer the kicker is thru the TR-1 controll. if you need more info i can get you a phone number of a marine mechanic that has installed many, and has much info on them.....good luck!!!

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Next year will be season 7 for my TR-1 Gold. The steering and throttle adjustments immediate and precise, the trolling straight and flawless, and not a lick of trouble with it yet. I could give you many more reasons for having one. But after running 5 charters last summer on 65 gallons of gas, it's hard too think of a better one. :eek::grin:


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