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Line type/color Q & A.

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I have been using fireline crystal the last few years with what I thought was fairly good success vertical jiggin. Lately, I have been wondering just how clear the river gets before I should put on a flouro leader.

Now I am trying the new fireline hivis/lowvis. At 15lbs, plenty heavy but super thin. I am thinking no leader at all here since the black is really dark. Plus, one less failure point.

Crystal does show up nicely on the river top, which for a line watcher like me helps a ton.



After about 8 to 10 personal line choice changes for me chasing walleyes over the last 22 years, including and during some drastic water clarity changes, I've noticed one fact that sticks way out. The walleyes haven't changed their attitude, shown preference to, or seemed to prefer one of my choices over the other. Of course the Hook, Catch, Diametor, Castability and break off ratios have changed since Super Lines have come out, and I do appreciate that greatly. But for a man like me with OCD fishing tendencies, who often looks for why one guy is out fishing another, the line type/color difference has only been considered by me as a possible factor very few times. The weird part of that is in those few times, it seemed the difference was the line catching the most fish was the most visible, at least to the human eye. I've always believed that a predators place on the food chain latter, and all the habits, cautions and instincts that go along with it, are directly related to his aptitude to be more or less careful about any visual clues he perceives. Man seems to always assume his instincts or the cues he gets to stay away from things dangerous in his world, are the same with all creatures in theirs. Capt. Dan.

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