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hello everybody,

I wasn't here for a long time, too many work :(

I was on fishing only few times at this season, but buy a new small boat. (price is complitely reduculus for US) :)

here is few photos



the question is, where I can buy apex lures ? http://www.hotspotlures.com/products_apex_troll.php I can't find online store that sell all colors or can order them :(

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Thanks John. yes, i saw apex on cabelas, but unfortunately I want try another colors :( something like this. (hot red, hot green, maybe blue)




I have few of them, they work, so I want order 15-20 different and test it.

yes, im in Russia :) but for shipping its transparently, just a little costly.

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Nick I've been using Apex for over 33 years, long before I became pro staff for Hot Spot. They were the first salmon lure I bought & they've been the most consistent lure I've ever owned & God knows I've got a pile. You can run them clean or behind a flasher, just don't change the leader length. If I run one behind a flasher it's usually a 5.5 Apex behind an 8" Hot Spot. I fish the north side of Lake Ontario & my favourite colours are #374 chrome/green scale in the 4.5, #409 Watermelon, #431 Stinnson, #555 Glow Bug, 383G Glow Ladderback & #386 chrome/green neon in the 4.5 & 5.5. The last time out this season got a chance to try the new Glow Jelly UV in the 4.5 & banged 3 fish over 20 in the first hour & a half. I've already ordered some more of them. I'll find out the closest dealer to you & PM you when I get the info.

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They have a lot of good buys. I check their Bargain Cave every few days. A month or so ago I piked up a couple of 20 color cores for $10 each, and some of their real image shallow diving minnow like baits for under $2. I also wear their long sleeve trail shirts, most any time I wear blue jeans. I seldom pay the top price for anything. Even if you have to pay a small shipping fee it's cheaper than fuel for the car.

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