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Need some advise


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I found another Penn Yan.

This one is 1989 265 Pro Hunter (?)

26' 5" and has 10' beam. The hull appears sound, but, it has not been in the water since 1999.

It came with a 350 Chevy engine, that is shot. Single screw. Hard Top.

No canvas. No extras. No trailer.

What do you guys think would be a fair price to offer for this boat ?

Thanks in advance, Bill

Oh yeah, I am going back this week to check the stringers and deck etc.

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No expert here, just suggestion. what is good one like that going for??? then start figuring out what it would cost to rebuild the motor, etc. etc subtract that ammount from the value of the good boat, and that may put you in the ball park.....it is only worth what someone is willing to pay or someone is willing to take for it!!

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It's been my experience that you can never buy a boat cheap enough, especially if you are the type of person who likes to fix them up and take some pride in ownership. I would start embarrassingly low and let the seller go from there, it's not like he is going to tell you to jump in the lake because your offer is to low.

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Sorry for short response before first thing I would do is have it surveyed by a qualified marine surveyer. Then get repair est based on what they say even if you are willing to do the work yourself know how much it will cost. There are to many good boats waiting for buyers to get stuck with a dog 5 years ago I started on a restoration project of a 1985 Cobalt 21 BR a very nice boat with drive problems ( someone stole the outdrive ) i paid 500 bucks for it after 5 years and getting riped off several times on bad parts from Ebay and other sources I gutted the hull and gave it away this summer and I sold the trailer it was on for 300 bucks so now I still have a pile of mis matched OMC parts to sell and am about 2 grand smarter. Unless you are looking for a hobby buy a boat that is seaworthy cause used boat hulls are pretty much free you pay for the drive and trailer and options but the hull is just about free every time if you subtract what some of the parts are worth. I paid 10,500.00 for my 89 Four Winns 260 Quest this spring from Halls in Muskegon it books as purchased with the trailer and everything for 15,900 according to my Credit union where I fiananced it. They also stood behind the boat all summer and fixed every problem for free untill we got all of the storage bugs out as it had sat in storage for 3 years before I bought it. So you can take close to 30% off from book on nearly any used boat now just cause boats outnumber buyers. Do you have a trailer for it or how are you gonna get it home or to where you need to have it fixed? Could cost 4 to 5 bucks a mile to have it hauled I have not seen the boat but in my head I am down to around a grand if you really like it. My bet is you can get one that runs and drives under 10k easy maybe not that exact model there is a 26 ft Starcraft up by Marne MI that has sat there all summer the owner told me 6500 would tow it home it is sitting next to a 25ft Aquasport for about 10k also on a trailer. I am not sure if he sold his 26ft Renegade with twin Hondas it was also on a trailer he wanted 13,500 for that.

Tight Lines


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