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Wow: Had a couple of buddies take me to hooters for my birthday to watch the Michigan Michiganstate game. Hooters is not really my thing but I was a good sport and went along and the best part is that right next door is gandermountain. So after a few hours at hooters and some good eats and a few to many cocktails we walked over to gander and I bought some laundry soap for camos and a new tree stand.

We left gander and made our way back to My home town of martin. Pulled in our drive, luckly I was not driving , and looked pretty quiet. I stumbled out of my buddies car and he grabed my stand out of the trunk of his car for me and preceded to the garage. reached around to turn on the light and approx 40 people yell suprise and scare the ?#$^& out of me. As it my 40th birthday. Freinds and food and drink and good time it was awsome.

So my wife wips out this box and hands it to me and says happy birthday.

So I sit down and open it and low and behold She bought Me a brand new

Mathews DXT. I belive I Said holly crap. Wow what do you say. what a wife. I am very lucky.

Thanks to all who showed up and to my brothers and GLF who made the party. I will not forget it.

Made it over to Bobs gun and tackle as that is where she bought the bow and set it up and shot approx 75 arrows today. I love it.:)

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You should have seen the look on Joe's face when he turned on the lights in the garage when he walked in. :eek:

They were suppose to have Joe back to the house at 7pm. I think they finally rolled in around 7:45pm. While we were waiting for Joe to show up, I may have had a few too many to drink. :D My wife came to the party with me, and drove us home.

Thats one nice bow Kim(Joe's wife) bought him! :thumb:

Happy 40th Joe!

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