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Leadcore or Non-Leadcore

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Cabellas sells it, more expensive than leadcore, and it says in the catalog that it is depth sensitive in regards to water temp. It doesn't say how much temp. affects the depth though.

All lines including leadcore are sensitive to water temp. The density of the water changes with significant temp change. This is the kind of feedback I'm looking for. Thanks for ringing in Tony. They claim it will go down 5 ft. per color. I just checked Cabela's site. It looks like they have the 36# stuff on sale for $10/200yds, reg $30.:) I'm not sure if the stuff is any good or not. Maybe someone here has tried it.:)

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frank ive used cabelas lead core and if the non-lead is made like to real stuff it will work just fine, i got a 200yrd spool of real lead and had no trouble with it and ran it this year about 12-18 times out and at that price i think id give it a shot!!!

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