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Yogurt Flies Field Test Review


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I as well got them tested however Ive had the same luck as Jim did, no fish. i am impressed with the yogurt flies and they are well made, the tinsel material is of very good quality. the color selection is awesome, i did get a fish to hit (even if it was off before i got the rod out of the holder) the blue kiwi finger punch tournament series. one of the little things that i really liked about the flies was the way the the lure was packaged, namely the fly/leader/hooks came in a reusable zip-lock bag. i really liked this, they are easy to store and do not take up much room, and one thing Ive had a hard time in the past was trying to find a good way to store flies. and with the yogurt flies it is not problem, i agree fully with 1 mainiac (Jim) giving them a A+ rating. i wish that the season was not about over as i would really like to really give them a good washing!!! if i am able to get out again i will add to this post to report my findings. i want to thank Tim Crichton for allowing me to test and wish Yogurt Flies much success

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