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This isn't west michigan but we had our cover made at Boak's Upholstery in St. Johns and he did a great job. I had a lot of compliments on it and it held up great. Very heavy. I know this doesn't pertain to you but thought it might help someone else.

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There is a little shop outside of Holton that does a great job at about 1/2 of the price of any were else. I had them replace the vinyl windows and it only cost $125 and they also replaced some snaps that were broke at no charge. It is called Mast Canvas Shop.

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i manage a storage facility in muskegon and deal with all of these companys named. muskegon awning will give you your best product for the highest price. so be prepared to bend over if you go that way. my preferance for myself and my customeres is kings canvas out of spring lake and he will travel to you! he does very nice work and i havent had any complaints yet. considering i have prolly 40-50 thousand in cavas work done a season i think thats pretty good and tell bob i sent you and hell give you a deal. any questions give me a mesage

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